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Alkaline Syrup Alkaline Syrup
Alkaline Syrup feed supplement is used in the management of horses which are prone to tying up. The alkaline composition serves to neutralise the build up of lactic acid which occurs during exercise, thereby reducing the incidence of muscle stiffness.

5ltr & 25ltr

Prices shown (Excluding: VAT)

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Equivite Original Supplement Equivite Original Supplement
Equivite Original Supplement invented equine supplements. The name EQUIVITE® stands for effective nutritional supplementation. To supplement a horse effectively the body must be treated as a whole, as every nutrient works in synergy with the others. Only when nutrients work in balance is optimum health ensured.

Equivite Original Supplement is a multivitamin and mineral supplement designed to actively maintain health. Now with chelated minerals for easier absorption. A comprehensive nutritional supplement to help maintain health and condition in horses and ponies of all ages.

Equivite is ideal for those animals in light to moderate work, or at rest. All horses and ponies need vitamins and minerals to sustain a long active life.

Equivite Supplement will give you peace of mind that your horse or pony is getting all the nutrients they need.

3kg & 15kg

Zero Rated

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Glucose Powder Glucose Powder
Glucose Powder is traditionally used as a natural source of energy in Sheep, Cattle, Horses, Racing Pigeons, Greyhounds and working dogs. Disolve in water before use, adding the powder to the water and shaking well.

Glucose Powder is a valuable source of energy being quickly and easily assimilated. Glucose Powder should be given in all cases where the diet indicates a lack of carbohydrates and where additional energy is required.


(Zero Rated)

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ImmuBoost ImmuBoost
ImmuBoost an aqueous infusion of Echinacea, now established as having a beneficial effect in maintaining a strong and healthy immune system.

ImmuBoost is based on liquid Echinacea and has proved to be successful at naturally helping to maintain the horse's resistance. Echinacea Pallida is indigenous to North America and has been used by the South Dakota Indians on their horses since its discovery in 1762.

Research has shown that the polysaccharides in the plant appear to be responsible for the plant's properties where they surround cells protecting them from attack. ImmuBoost should be used whenever general infections occur and as a preventative to help protect susceptible horses.

Use up to 40ml daily as required

1ltr & 2.5ltr - Zero Rated

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Kossolian Blood Salts Kossolian Blood Salts
Kossolian Blood Salts is a carefully balanced blend of iodised minerals with iron salts trace elements vitamin B12 and spices. Particularly valuable in spring and autumn when horses are changing their coats but for the best results should be used throughout the year. Regular feeding of Kossolian Blood Salts will ensure the optimum condition of horses in light and heavy work providing a balanced blend of minerals and salts to promote a balanced intake healthy metabolic system and renal function.

Kossolian Blood Salts is Ideal for all horses. Especially horses in full work, young stock and mares during last 4 months of gestation. A palatable balanced blend of minerals, salts, trace elements and vitamin B12.

Particularly valuable in spring and autumn when horses are changing their coats, but for the best results should be used throughout the year. The attractive flavour of the spices helps to ensure that horses 'eat up'

•Blood Salts Equine Supplement
•Ideal for Horses in Full Work
•Good for Youngstock
•Palatable Flavour


Zero Rated


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Molasses Molasses
Molasses are naturally rich in phosphorus, iron, B vitamins and sucrose and, being liquid, is an excellent dust suppressant. High energy sweet and tasty appetiser containing 40% natural sugars.

Premium grade, low sugar blend. Loss of appetite may be brought on by a variety of reasons environmental change, illness or simply that the horse has become bored with the food offered. Varying the taste of the food occasionally is good practice in many equine yards and molasses is perhaps the best known way of doing that.

4ltr & 25ltr

(Zero Rated)

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OceanFeed Equine Supplement OceanFeed Equine Supplement
OceanFeed Equine is a totally natural and organic feed ingredient comprising of a formulated blend of specific seaweeds. The complex blend used in OceanFeed Equine is sustainably harvested from the oceans of the world.

When a small amount of OceanFeed™ Equine is included in a horses or ponies diet it enhances their gut health, thus increasing their nutrient absorption. This allows your horses and ponies to absorb a greater level of nutrients and vitamins from the feed you are giving them.

This increase in overall health contributes to the appearance, behaviour, performance, recovery and ability to reproduce

Key Benefits of OceanFeed™ Equine:

•Improved Conditioning
•Improved Coat Sheen
•Increased Stamina
•Quicker Recovery
•Improved Fertility
•Low level of Iodine
•Assists in maintaining optimum gut health and function
•Allows for maximum utilisation of feed intake.
•Helps promote and maintain a healthy digestive system.
•Provides a food source for naturally occurring gut flora.
•Stimulates and boosts appetite.
•Assists in the prevention of ulcers.
•Has anti-inflammatory benefits.
•Aids in competitive exclusion of pathogenic bacteria.
•Supports the immune system.
•Helps prevent the retention of the placenta in brood mares.
•Helps calm nervous horses.
•Strengthens hooves through natural vitamin B12

Available as a 3kg

Selenavite E Selenavite E
Selenavite E is recognised as a comprehensive and effective all-round quality horse and pony feed supplement.

Its balanced formulation helps to provide supplementary amounts of some 22 micro nutrients, including trace elements, vitamins and amino acids.

The supplementary Biotin present aids in the maintenance of healthy hooves.

There is no better way to assist the ongoing health, well being and good condition of your horse or pony.
A balanced feed supplement for everyday use.

Selenavite E contains essential vitamins.
Also contains trace elements and amino acids.
Contains an approved pro-biotic.

All-round horse feed supplement
Contains essential vitamins
Also contains supplementary amounts of trace elements and amino acids
A balanced horse feed supplement for everyday use

1.5kg, 4kg and 10kg

Zero Rated

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Selenavite E Liquid Selenavite E Liquid
Selenavite E Liquid A palatable liquid multivitamin, mineral and essential nutrient supplement.


Zero Rated


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Tye-Gard 3.8ltr Tye-Gard 3.8ltr
Tye-Gard solution contains highly absorbable human grade Vitamin E and Selenium to promote healthy muscle function and lactic acid levels. Formulated for horses on highly nutritious diets preforming strenuous exercise.

Tye-Gard a nutritional supplement to promote healthy muscle function.

Fast exercise produces lactic acid in the muscle and as a result, many horses suffer from muscle stiffness or cramps during, or after work, leaving the horses looking tucked up.

Tye-Gard contains a highly absorbable human grade Vitamin E and Selenium, two vitamins involved in the health of muscle tissue, allowing the muscle to work more effectively at full capacity.

Use Tye-Gard daily for horses in high levels of training or competition to ensure optimum muscle health.

3.8ltr - 8 month supply at Maintenance Level

Zero Rated

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Vitamin B12 Syringe Vitamin B12 Syringe
Vitamin B12 Syringe
Highly concentrated, ready to use vitamin B12 metabolic supplement. Can be used by any competition animal before and after an event, it is not a prohibited substance. Use as a general pick-up after heavy work, travelling or before competition. Essential for healthy blood.

3 x 20ml syringes

Zero Rated


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Wessex Animal Health > Horse Supplies > Nutritional Supplements > Health and Nutritional Support


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