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HaemoBoost HaemoBoost
HaemoBoost is a vitamin B6, B12, Folic Acid and Iron liquid tonic formulated to maintain healthy blood levels.

HaemoBoost is a liquid formulation of Vitamins B6, B12, Folic Acid and Iron on a Sorbitol base, to help maintain healthy blood levels.

Haemoboost has an extensive range of benefits for the horse, and detailed below are some specific ’need conditions’ that provide a use for Haemoboost.

Whether performance horses with the need to be brought into peak condition prior to a specific activity, or the horse recovering from illness, surgery etc. HaemoBoost has a use.

Very beneficial for weight loss where age related problems may occur e.g. poorly masticated feed stuffs resulting in digestion issues, Haemoboost is a very useful aid for poor doers.

It will help maintain health and vitality, particularly in the following:
anorexia, general debility and Vitamin B deficiency.

Zero Rated

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ProPell Plus 3.8ltrs ProPell Plus 3.8ltrs
ProPell Plus is a tonic for hard working horses. It enables efficient oxygen delivery, for high levels of energy and performance.

ProPell Plus is a multi vitamin and mineral tonic, with high levels of iron, to help support red blood cell production and the immune system in hard working horses.

ProPell Plus also gives high levels of energy and performance through efficient oxygen delivery. The many ingredients include Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, D3, E and K, Folic Acid, Choline, Echniacea, Magnesium, Iron, Copper, Potassium, Sulphur, Selenium and Manganese.

Available in 3.8 litre

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Red Cell 3.8ltrs Red Cell 3.8ltrs
Red Cell is one of the oldest and most widely used Vitamin, Mineral and Iron Feed Supplements in the world. New products on the market may have improved on the original, palatable yucca flavoured formulation but it's proven track record is still trusted & respected by many professionals

Red Cell is is formulated for horses to provide supplemental vitamins and minerals that may be lacking or are in insufficient quantities in a horses regular feed. Often given to horses that are lacking energy and maybe low in Iron.

3.8 ltr

Zero Rated

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