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Wessex Animal Health > Cattle Supplies > Fly Control > **NEW RANGE** Enviromental Fly Control
Sheila RB1 Fly Bait Sheila RB1 Fly Bait
Sheila RB1 is a ready to use granular insecticide for the control of flies in livestock housing etc. The product is effective where flies congregate such as animal pens. It contains unique sex pheromones and attractants that lure flies to the bait, killing them quickly.

- Azamethiphos is the fastest chemical on the market
- Flies will die almost instantly
- Flies lured with pheromones and attractants
- The only bait that can kill by ingestion or contact
- Lasts longer than any other bait on the market

Twenty-One Twenty-One
Twenty-One is a uniquely formulated product for professional use against flies in livestock housing by application to walls and ceilings of cowsheds, stables, piggeries, poultry sheds and other environments.

- Azamthiphos is the fastest chemical on the market
- The only product available that can be both sprayed and painted
- Effective for 12 weeks
- Attracts insects fast with pheremones and attractants
- See results straight away - kills flies almost instantly
- The only product on the market that can kill by contact or ingestion

Price:89.00 (106.80 Including VAT at 20%)

Perbio Choc RTU Perbio Choc RTU
Perbio Choc is the strongest ready to use insectacide in the UK. It is specially formulated to instantly kill all flying and crawling insects including red mite as well as providing three months control after a single treatment.

- UKs strongest ready to use insecticide
- Kills insects within seconds
- Kills red mite and all other flying and crawling insects
- Effective for 3 months

Maggots Maggots
Maggots is a fly larvicidal product which is specially formulated to eliminate and control nuisance fly larvae. The product is primarily used in;

- Poultry houses
- Dairy and calf units
- Pig fattening and pig breeding units
- Sheep and goat units
- Horse stables
- Refuse and refuse transfer sites

Fly larvae feed in the top four inches (100mm) of muck and it is important that the product is applied in 4 inch layers.

Available in: 10kg
Price:105.00 (126.00 Including VAT at 20%)

Digrain 10mtr Fly Roll Digrain 10mtr Fly Roll
This unique design combines a specially crafted surface impregnated with fly sex pheromones and is covered with specially formulated attractive glue. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is designed especially for control of flies in the farm enviroment

Digrain Fly Reel Kit - 400 mtr Digrain Fly Reel Kit - 400 mtr
An easy to install kit designed to effectively tackle flies. It is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly solution to fly control and proven to be a successful method of control throughout the farm.

Official replacement reels available

Fly Bag Trap With Bait Fly Bag Trap With Bait
An easy to use bag trap, simply add water to the product and hang it where there is a fly problem. It comes equipped with a hanger and a snap top for easy and clean disposal.

Outdoor use only

Wessex Animal Health > Cattle Supplies > Fly Control > **NEW RANGE** Enviromental Fly Control


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