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Horse First Relax Me Syringe Horse First Relax Me Syringe
RelaxMeNOW has been developed to offer that boost of RelaxMe when it is needed.

Use when a boost of RelaxMeNOW two hours prior to the start of competition will really help.

Start giving RelaxMeNOW today and discover how good your horse really is.

- Strong
- Convenient Size
- Palatable
- Concentrated 30ml dose

Price:9.50 (11.40 Including VAT at 20%)

Epsom Salts 3kg Epsom Salts 3kg
Epsom Salts contains magnesium plays an important part in nerve and muscle function, and horses deficient in this important element can show signs of nervousness, wariness, excitability, and muscle tremors. Epsom Salts gives magnesium its reputation for having a calming influence on equines.


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Hormonise Hormonise
Hormonise is based on liquid Chaste Berry, which can naturally help where hormone problems cause PMT in mares and produce irritable and unpredictable behaviour. Chaste Berry has been used for centuries to great effect

Chaste Berry [vitex agnus-castus] has been written about since 400 B.C. and was widely used in Greek and Roman cultures. Ideal for on mares that are prone to 'phantom' seasons and pregnancies and for use prior to stud or when mares are showing irritability at the time of their seasons or immediately before their seasons. It can also be used on lactating mares where it may help to increase milk production and generally help lactation.

Hormonise can also be helpful on rigs where hormone problems can produce unwanted sexual behaviour and aggression and can be used as a natural calmer.

Use 40ml daily for at least 3 weeks, then reduce to 20ml daily and use as required. However, you can safely use much higher levels dependent on the temperament of the mare and problems experienced, so a degree of trial and error maybe needed for maximum effect.

Use 40ml daily for at least 3 weeks, then reduce to 20ml daily and use as required.
Contains No Banned or Prohibited Substances

Further Information on Hormonise:
The Effects of Chaste Berry on Horses & Ponies It has been known for some time that mares suffer from PMS prior to and during their 'seasons'. This can cause irritability, aggression and general unpleasantness in the mare and makes riding during this time almost impossible. What was once a nice, sweet friend can turn into an unpredictable and potentially dangerous animal !

Normal treatments have been the synthetic hormone balancers, which generally have limitations on their use and quite often have to be stopped after a period of time. Many contain banned and prohibited substances, which prevent horses and ponies from competition of any kind.

Zero Rated

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NAF Magic Five star Calmer 1.5kg NAF Magic Five star Calmer 1.5kg
NAF Magic Five star Calmer for treatment of a calm, concentrated horse.
1.5kg up to 60 days supply now with Pre and Pro Biotics for a relaxed, settled gut + Natural Vitamin B1

Magic is a magnesium calmer with a difference. It's a five star formula that is magnesium based, but there's more. Magic also contains a unique combination of calming herbs and nutrients known to help relax muscle tissue and support concentration. There are no tricks behind Magic, just sound scientific nutritional and veterinary knowledge, combined with the highest grade ingredients. Magnesium is an essential nutrient to a horse’s wellbeing and among its many roles is the regulation of nervous tension. As magnesium also acts on muscle tension, a horse low in magnesium may appear ‘tight’ in his way of going and express anxiety, excitability and a lack of confidence. Low magnesium may be caused by a grazing deficiency or simply a horse or pony’s individual metabolism. Magnesium levels can also be reduced by regular travel and competition. Magic is more than just magnesium; it also contains a blend of herbs chosen for their traditional use in supporting confidence and concentration. The unique blend of magnesium and herbal support of Magic enables the horse to tackle all that is asked of it, calmly and confidently.

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NAF Five Star Oestress 1kg NAF Five Star Oestress 1kg
NAF Five star Oestress totally unique nutritional product offering nutritional support to the mare's oestrus cycle, encouraging regularity and helping to eliminate the causes of discomfort that generally lead to mood swings and grumpiness.

Helps the mare to balance her oestrus cycle naturally by targeting the root causes of her discomfort which lead to her moods. As ‘entire’ animals, mares often experience the same stresses of hormonal imbalance as their stallion counterparts. Signs may include mood swings, aggression, flirting, ‘touchiness’ and compromised performance. The position of the ovaries (just behind the saddle) means that discomfort often results in a reluctance to work over her back, tail swishing and even bucking or kicking. A unique complex, Oestress supplements the mare with extracts of herbal ingredients that have been used for hundreds of years to support hormone balance. So by improving her diet with Oestress, you are helping your mare to help herself, through balancing her hormone levels naturally, the causes of her discomfort are dissipated and she will be more inclined to relax and concentrate on her work comfortably. Oestress also provides bio-available magnesium to support the system against the associated anxiety and muscle tension often seen in hormonal mares. Lastly, Oestress is rich in natural antioxidants to flush out toxins from the system. Oestress should be fed daily throughout the spring and summer season and may be increased in accordance with her oestrus cycle. However, if needed Oestress is suitable for year round use.


Zero Rated


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Tranquil Horse Calmer Tranquil Horse Calmer
Tranquil calmer based on an aqueous infusion of valerian.

It treats nervous disorders and naturally calms a horse without removing its competitive edge. It can be used at any time, but particularly prior to acitivities that may cause anxiety and stress (use 1-2 days prior to the activity and again on the day). Horses who are generally sensitive to loud noise, severe weather, sudden movement can be given Tranquil on a regular basis.

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