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Nationwide Mainland UK (T&C Apply).

Adrenacaine Solution for Injection for Cattle 100ml Adrenacaine Solution for Injection for Cattle 100ml
Adrenacaine Solution for Injection for Cattle is 100ml of local anaesthetic injection for minor surgical procedures, including dehorning and disbudding in cattle.

Dosage & Administration
By subcutaneous injection. Cattle: 2 to 5ml.

Withdrawal Period
Meat: Zero days
Milk: Zero days

POM-VPS Medicine Form
When purchasing animal medicines (including wormers) it is a legal requirement that we ask you to complete the short form below, before we are able to dispatch the goods.

Click Here to complete and submit your POM-VPS form

Price:5.10 (6.12 Including VAT at 20%)

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Big Softy Teats Big Softy Teats
Replacement teats for the Milk Train calf feeder and other feeders with 21mm teat holes. Also suitable for hand held bottle feeding.

Ideal for gravity feeders as prevents leakage through the teat while still enabling the calf to suckle freely.
Price:2.80 (3.36 Including VAT at 20%)

Biolaze Protect Biolaze Protect
Buy 10 x 2kg and get 2 Cozy Calf jackets FREE!

Scour preventitive for calves containing multi enzymes and anti oxidants with added iodine.

Useful when cryptosporidium is diagnosed (speak to you local animal health advisor about our calf scour test)
Can significantly reduce the risk of calf scour
Powder based and can be added to the calfs milk

Contains Hypo Iodine, Hyper Lactoperoxidase, Lactoferrins, Whey powder & an extensive vitamin & trace element content. Trials have shown 10% growth rate advantages verses untreated calves over the 21 day period.

1 pack will treat 12 calves for 21 days

Calf Feeding Bottle Calf Feeding Bottle
Plastic calf feeding bottle.

Intelligently designed bottle with multi-directional easy-grip hand mould. The teat is mounted low in the cap to empty the bottle contents completely. The wide neck ensures easy filling and cleaning. The wide base gives the bottle maximum stability when standing. Capacity 2.5 litres.
Price:12.95 (15.54 Including VAT at 20%)

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Cosy Calf Jacket Cosy Calf Jacket
Buy 10 jackets and get 1 FREE!

Calf Jacket by "Cosy Calf"

Tried, Tested & Produced by a farmer - for farmers!!

The thermo-neutral zone is the range of temperatures between the lower and upper critical temperatures to which an animal may become acclimatized. In new born calves and up to four weeks of age this is between 10C and 25C. Calves at one month it is between 0 degree C and 23 degree C.

Outside these temperatures i.e. if it is too cold calves must burn energy just to maintain core body temperature.
A calf requires 2% more energy for every 1 degree C below the thermo-neutral zone, therefore at freezing point (0 degree C) a calf requires 20% more milk/feed just for maintenance.

Dairy breed calves do not have enough body fat to maintain their own body temperature in cold weather. Feed is often limited by number of feeds per day and the amount given per feed. Keeping the calf warm therefore is the most cost effective way of maximising the feed given.

General rule for the use of calf jackets on young or sick calves is that: - if you feel the need of a coat then so does a calf!

With the use of calf jackets you can make significant savings on feed, medication and bedding costs, by better conversion of energy to growth rather than warmth and reduce the risk of pneumonia and scours from chills and draughts.


Small (Jersey)
Neck to tail 63cms - 25ins
Along bottom Inc. front flaps 80cms - 31.5ins
Width 63cms - 25ins

Large (Holstein/beef breeds)
Neck to tail 74cms - 29ins
Along bottom Inc. front flaps 93cms - 37ins
Width 78cms - 31ins

Calf Pull Over Teat Calf Pull Over Teat
Traditional latex pullover teat for bottle feeding calves.

Price:0.95 (1.14 Including VAT at 20%)

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Calf Stomach Tube Calf Stomach Tube
Calf Stomach Tube a 3 litre capacity flexible feeding bag for the administration of fluids to calves (colostrum, calf milk etc). In 0.5 litre graduations. Tube extends to 900mm with 570mm probe.
Price:11.95 (14.34 Including VAT at 20%)

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Wessex Calf Colostrum Wessex Calf Colostrum
Precisely formulated to help provide vital primary nutritional support when maternal colostrum may be lacking, inadequate or of poor quality.

- High energy/fat maintains body temperature & prevents hypothermia which helps increase calf survival.
- High active protein (antibodies) content promotes disease resistance.
- Maximised protection from disease minimises risk of mortality.
- Pre & pro biotic Supports healthy gut development- Promotes calf health.
- Certified free from EBL, IBR & Johnes.
- Easy mix, rich and creamy texture.

Available in:
200 gram bottle = 1 feed
1kg tub = 5 feeds
5kg Tubs = 25 feeds

Colostrum Densimeter Colostrum Densimeter
A colostrum densimeter is an invaluable tool for every dairy farm, providing simple way to measure the antibody level of colostrum.

For a quick evaluation of igG content in bovine colostrum. A quick way of measuring the quality of the colostrum is by using the KRUUSE colostrum densimeter. The densimeter measures the specific gravity of the colostrum.

Follow the simple instructions supplied to help evaluate your individual animals colostrum quality.
Price:20.95 (25.14 Including VAT at 20%)

Dehorning Wire Dehorning Wire
Dehorning Wire available with or without handles for the ease of cutting through long honrs on livestock.

Light gauge 35' (10.5m) Code:410 020
Heavy gauge 35' (10.5m) Code:410 032
Leiss dehorning wire Steel 33'(10m)Code:410 056
Pair dehorning wire handles. Code:410 044

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Dehorning Equipment Dehorning Equipment
Dehorning Equipment available from Wessex Animal Health


Please call 01425 474455 for prices and availability
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Portasol 111 Portable Gas Dehorner Portasol 111 Portable Gas Dehorner
The third generation Portasol Dehorner has reached engineered excellence, feedback from farmers and veterinary surgeons has been used to iron out niggles in previous models. Extra features put Portasol III at the forefront of design, with extra durability.

Portasol Dehorner III is the perfect tool for dehorning young calves between 3-8 weeks old. Removing the pre-emergent horn (de-budding) is the most humane and efficient way to eliminate horn tissue in calves. De-budding, both kills horn growth and controls bleeding by cauterising the blood vessels, while minimising potential of infection.

What's new with Dehorner III?
- Increased strength of working head with the addition of 20mm stainless steel
- New ignition system featuring both Click-to-ignite and now also manual ignition
- 30% extra protection of the new ignition system using the latest in ceramic technology
- Portasol dehorners are supplied with a 15mm plated copper tip, in a heavy duty plastic storage case.
- Rapid Heating, temperature up to 650oC/1200oF

Price:120.00 (144.00 Including VAT at 20%)

ECR-Plus Paste ECR-Plus Paste
Similar to ECR paste with the additional benefits of Crypto Caps in one handy application.
3 Doses. An eggpowder protein paste specifically formulated to maintain a high health and immune status in young calves, on farms experiencing digestive upsets. Recommended for farms with a high level of digestive disturbance. Dial a dose syringe containing 3 doses. Each dose contains high levels of specific antibodies against bovine Rotavirus, E-Coli, Salmonella, Coronavirus and Cryptosporidium in one handy application.

Zero Rated

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Effydral Tablets Effydral Tablets
Effydral Tablets an isotonic oral rehydration solution (ORS) for rapid correction of dehydration, acidosis and electrolyte loss in calves and piglets, particularly when caused by diarrhoea (scours). Effydral is presented as effervescent tablets which dissolve without stirring in lukewarm water.

Outers of 48 tablets - AVM_GSL
Price:48.00 (57.60 Including VAT at 20%)

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Hornex Dehorning Paste 25g Hornex Dehorning Paste 25g
When the calf is a day or two old, cut the hair off the Horn Bud. Scrape the wax off the Bud and then cover the bud with Hornex Dehorning Paste.

When applying Hornex Paste use Rubber gloves and rub the paste well into the bud. This will burn the horn roots and the horn will not grow. When calves are born inside, it is advisable to take the calf away from its Mother for about an hour. This is because when cows are inside, they have nothing to do during the day after they have been fed except nurse the calf. Likewise, when Dairy calves are together, they lick each other. So, keep each calf by itself for an hour after it has been dehorned.


POM-VPS Medicine Form
When purchasing animal medicines (including wormers) it is a legal requirement that we ask you to complete the short form below, before we are able to dispatch the goods.

Click Here to complete and submit your POM-VPS form

Price:22.45 (26.94 Including VAT at 20%)

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Life Aid Xtra x 48 Life Aid Xtra x 48
Life Aid Xtra is a oral rehydration product, which comes in sachets. Used for the reversal of the processes of dehydration, electrolyte loss and acidosis associated with scour in calves whether due to nutritional, bacterial, viral or cryptospiridial causes.

A water soluble powder contained in a single 83.74g sachet which forms an orange solution on mixing with water for oral administration.

Composition % w/w
Sodium Citrate Dihydrate 4.681
Sodium Acetate Trihydrate 3.917
Sodium Propionate 2.293
Sodium Chloride 5.589
Potassium Chloride 3.559
Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate 1.624
Glucose (anhydrous) 75.237
Sunset Yellow 0.1
Silica Colloidal Anhydrous 3.0

On reconstitution in 2 litres of water the available concentrations are as follows:
Sodium 90 mmol/1
Potassium 25 mmol/1
Chloride 60 mmol/1
Phosphate 5 mmol/1
Propionate 10 mmol/1
Acetate 20 mmol/1
Citrate 6.67 mmol/1
Dextrose 175 mmol/1
The propionate, acetate and citrate ions together yield 50mmol/l bicarbonate.

Life-Aid Xtra, a powder for oral solution, is an oral rehydration product indicated for the reversal of the processes of dehydration, electrolyte loss and acidosis associated with scour in calves, whether due to nutritional, bacterial, viral or cryptosporidial causes.

Life-Aid Xtra is specifically formulated to provide both high levels of sodium (90 mmol/1) to enable rapid water absorption and also to provide increased bicarbonate precursor for the correction of acidosis. The increased glucose level provides more energy for the calf without interfering with rehydration.

Dosage & Administration
Dosage: A solution, which is administered orally, is prepared as follows: dissolve the contents of one sachet in 2 litres (3½ pints) of warm water.

All milk and milk replacer is withdrawn on first signs of scour. Two litres of the solution, freshly prepared as directed, is given twice daily for 2 days. The solution provides an adequate source of nutrients and electrolytes which are readily absorbed. For the next 4 feeds (2 days) 1 litre of solution and 1 litre of milk replacer is administered. Thereafter normal diet is resumed. If symptoms are severe, the solution may be fed 3 or 4 times daily. The solution may be given for a maximum of 4 days only, when administered on its own.

Life-Aid Xtra is best dissolved by slowly adding the contents of one sachet to 2 litres of warm water, stirring gently. A fine deposit of insoluble carrier may remain after
dissolving the contents of the sachet; this does not affect the efficacy of the product.

48 sachets
Price:84.95 (101.94 Including VAT at 20%)

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Milk Train Double Calf Feeder Milk Train Double Calf Feeder
A modular feeding bucket for calves that is used as a 2 place feeder or is dove-tailed together to make 4, 6 or 8 place feeders.

Easy to carry, even when full
Quick and easy to attach to any rail, pipe or wood, up to 40mm diameter or 150mm deep
Holds up to 10ltrs
Supplied with Big Softy teats
Price:45.00 (54.00 Including VAT at 20%)

Milk Suckling Preventor Milk Suckling Preventor
A quality adjustable aluminium spiked anti-suckler for cattle
Price:5.95 (7.14 Including VAT at 20%)

Provita Calf Colostrum Concentrate Provita Calf Colostrum Concentrate
Provita Calf Colostrum Concentrate provides a high level of natural EU sourced colostrum, with added egg powder proteins and vitamins carried in a nutritional energy source. It is formulated to supplement colostrum from the dam or where access to natural colostrum has not been possible. Provita Calf Colostrum is high in fat soluble vitamins A, D and E to compensate for the inefficient placental transfer of these vitamins. Its nutritional base provides instant and slow release energy allowing the calf to suckle quicker. Its easy-mix formula makes it fast and practical to use.

When to use:
At birth or for bought-in calves to give the calf protection against harmful pathogens and provide energy to get up and suckle its mother.

300g foil sachet

Zero Rated

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Wessex Calf Booster Drench 2.5ltr Wessex Calf Booster Drench 2.5ltr
- Administer to all calves at 7 days old and when a risk of stress or disease is expected
- Propylene Glycol, cane molasses, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids
- Excellent results seen when given at 7 days old and again one week pre-weaning
- 2.5 litres will treat 166 calves up to 70kg @ .45p each


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