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New COB-I-SEL 25 from Nettex is a slow release 25-day cobalt supplement that also delivers iodine, selenium and multi-vitamins. The micro bolus formulation has been developed specifically to help flockmasters maintain optimum cobalt levels in rapidly growing lambs and produce quality carcasses at finish. Its formulation also makes it ideal for targeted use during the ewe's production cycle, such as at pre-tupping or around lambing. new micro bolus supplement that can be administered to lambs from as young as five weeks of age.

"Cobalt is an essential mineral required for the rumen synthesis of vitamin B12, which is needed for starch metabolism and energy production. Growing lambs have very little storage capacity for these essential micro-nutrients and rely on a daily intake from feed, forage or grazing,"

"Many pastures are deficient in cobalt - particularly those in the north of England, Wales, East Anglia and parts of the South West. In some of these areas animals can become cobalt deficient very quickly and will suffer from a condition known as 'pine' if not treated early. Animals affected will typically grow slowly, often remain small and in poor condition, and consequently take far longer to finish - which is costly. And in a year when many farmers have lost so many lambs because of the heavy early spring snowfall, it's vital that the survivors don't suffer from easily manageable mineral deficiencies."

"The great benefit of micro bolus technology is that it weighs only a single gramme, yet can still deliver 1.4mg of cobalt per day for a 25 day period."

Cobalt is an essential component of vitamin B12 which is associated with energy metabolism. This vitamin is produced by micro-organisms in the rumen and animals require a regular supply of cobalt in their diet. Deficiencies in cobalt, also known as pine results in ill-thrift accompanied by poor appetite. Cobalt will improve the digestion of poor quality feeds within the rumen. Lambs with adequate cobalt levels will achieve finishing weights quicker.

Selenium acts with vitamin E to protect tissues against oxidation and the breakdown of cell membranes. It is also important for the immune system. Selenium levels are frequently low even in good pastures. Lambs with adequate selenium levels will achieve better carcass quality.

250 Boluses per pot


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